5 Things to Consider Before Purchasing Your Next Luxury Mattress

5 Things to Consider Before Purchasing Your Next Luxury  Mattress

An average Joe spends 101 minutes driving daily. Even less time is spent with handbags, clothes, and other accessories. However, when we talk about luxurious goods, these are the first items that come to mind. A luxury mattress is perhaps, the last thing you’ll consider spending on. Even when money is to be spent, you should consider some of these important factors before buying a luxury mattress.

Luxury Mattress Nearby

You might think there’s nothing much to consider before getting a mattress because it’s just a mattress. Right? You’re wrong! You spend over 8 hours on the average in the comfort of your bed. There’s a lot of considerations to be factored in; cost, safety, health-considerations, flammability, etc. You should not just spend money on designer bags, beach house, or fancy wristwatches, you should invest in a good night’s rest. Our professional sleep experts at Natural Mattress Matters are here to offer you a glimpse on the safety and health consideration before you purchase your next luxury mattress.

It also doesn’t help that we have tons of mattresses on the market. It is incredibly easy to purchase one cheap, knock-off, any-size-will-do mattress. You know how energized you feel when you sleep well? How you wake up smiling, jumping, energized, motivated, and happy? That’s what happens when you sleep in the right bed. So, how then do you purchase the right kind of luxurious bed? Let’s explore.

Choose a Luxurious Mattress with Quality Latex

Any mattress should, first, be comfortable. What determines this comfortability is the core of the mattress and what it is made up of. You might think you got a sweet deal on a mattress, however, looks can be deceiving. There’s nothing good about you using a mattress for only a year and then disposing of it eventually.

When you invest in the right mattress, you get instant results. For one, natural latex is a perfect recommendation. This kind of latex supports your body, is very firm and supple, and is safe. Two types of latex are available. Talalay latex and Dunlop latex.

Luxury Latex Mattresses

Talalay Latex

People compare Talalay latex to a fluffy cake, it’s not an exaggeration. It is made of some of the purest materials which are environmentally friendly and safe. It also has unique cell structure which makes it responsive and comfortable. Talalay latex has a very durable support which ensures that your spine is supported.

The cell structure is another advantage it offers as it makes the material breathable, eliminating any form of heat or discomfort.

Dunlop Latex

Dunlop is made from pure latex serum; a material which fine-tunes the density of the mattress. You can easily flip the mattress and enjoy whichever density you want. If you’re in need of a luxurious mattress, Dunlop is another perfect material. This is also very pure; meeting the stipulated requirements and providing support.

Dunlop also goes through less processing. This means it is not as expensive as Talalay materials; you can enjoy luxurious mattresses with very little cost. It is one of the preferred choices for parents, children, businesses, etc.

You can also enjoy the best of both worlds; merge the qualities of both materials and create your personalized mattress.

Customize Your Luxurious Mattress for Comfort

Most mattresses are one-size-fits-all. What does this mean? They don’t consider your personal needs. They don’t care whether you are vulnerable to certain issues, they are not concerned about supporting your back-pain or osteoporosis. You can’t blame them though, they have a lot of consumers to cater for.

Customizable mattresses are such that you can choose the exact type of latex layer which suits you. Some customers prefer soft mattresses, some love it hard. You can employ the best properties of different materials you desire and create a perfect place for you to lay your head.

Purchase Materials with Pure Organic Materials

The decision to purchase a mattress is one whose impact will be felt for a long time. You might want to spend quality time researching the various materials available before jumping into conclusion. Organic materials, coupled with organic casings are recommended for luxury.

GOTS Certified organic cotton and wool ensure that you are free of pesticides or flame barriers. Normally, some mattress materials are made of chemicals which act as flame retardants. This is done in order to ensure that the mattress passes required standardized tests. However, organic wool is a natural flame barrier; eliminating the need for toxic chemicals.

Plush Pillowtops

Come on. You deserve it. Indulge yourself a little, after all, it is for your health. You should go for sleek, soft toppers to accentuate your already luxurious mattress. it gives you an added layer of softness and sturdiness at the same time. If you happen to be in Georgia visit our luxury mattress Atlanta area showroom to experience the amazing plush pillowtops even before the purchase.

Luxury Mattress Pillowtops and latex toppers

SpringLeaf Mattress Luxury Latex Topper

It is totally customizable. More so, it comes in an originally organic casing which makes it extra plush. Sleeping on one of these every night is sure to increase your lifespan.

SpringLeaf Comfort Topper

This is made of soft Talalay latex with an organic cotton jersey knit fabric covering. It is also very stretchy, fitting perfectly with your body structure. It gives you a plush, cloud-like experience!

SpringLeaf Organic Latex Topper

This is a material with natural qualities which make it perfect for people with health issues. It is great for people who don’t want a mattress that sinks too much.