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Organic Mattress Atlanta

If you’re searching for an organic mattress in the Atlanta area, consider Natural Mattress Matters. You’ll find the best prices and the nicest selection of natural and organic mattresses when you shop with Natural Mattress Matters, and you’ll be sleeping on the best choice of mattress for your health.


If you’re looking for an organic mattress in Atlanta, you’re probably already aware of the toxins that traditional mattresses are filled with and how over time, they can cause serious harm to your home environment and your health. Why else would you be searching for a natural product? Natural organic mattresses are free of such contaminants and are much safer for your family and your living environment.


Natural Mattress Matters sells organic mattress sets to the greater Atlanta area for the health of your family and sleep that is as pure as it was always meant to be. If you’re experiencing any sleep issues, it’s most likely the result of a poorly crafted mattress, made with materials that were never designed to be slept on!


Even expensive conventional mattresses are most often made with poor quality polyurethane form, which sags well before its time and shortens the life of your mattress. When you purchase a high-quality organic mattress from Atlanta’s Natural Mattress Matters, you’ll be sleeping on a mattress that was crafted to provide years of comfortable sleep. 


Natural Mattress Matters carries the world’s most comfortable sleep solutions for body and mind. They know their customers need a different kind of sleep, and are dedicated to bringing you exactly that. They work with the best builders and the best materials on the market, while supplementing their own line of mattresses with some of the best in the industry. No matter which of their mattress lines you buy from, you know you’ll be getting a pure sleep and a better sleep in a durable, non-toxic organic mattress for your Atlanta home.


Natural Mattress Matters sells all-natural Latex mattresses to better meet your needs. If you thought Latex was a toxic material, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that all-natural Latex is harvested from rubber trees in a manner similar to tapping sap from a tree to get maple syrup; and all-natural Latex does not retain heat, so you’ll get a cooler and more natural sleep without sacrificing that bounce-back effect.


Toxic memory foam is made from petroleum-based chemicals known for off-gassing VOCs as well as retaining heat and creating an uncomfortable sleep. Even bio-based and soy-based foams are still primarily petroleum-based and can emit the same unhealthy gasses in your home.


If you dream of sleeping on a 100% breathable, organic cotton mattress, Atlanta’s Natural Mattress Matters can provide the product you’re looking for. Their breathable cotton is cover quilted to pure organic wool for a cool, dry sleep climate with 100% Talalay Latex that is removable if you want to change the feel of your bed.


Trust your sleep to the company that knows that a natural mattress matters. Come in to the showroom and test an organic mattress in Atlanta to discover the difference all-natural materials make. You’ll be convinced, organic is the only way to sleep.


For more information, contact Natural Mattress Matters by calling 770-495-5005 today.



Organic Mattress Atlanta

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